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The Japan Scotland association was established on 27th October 2012. In order to increase the number of people who are interested in Scotland and those who are interested in exchanging with Scotland, and aiming for activities that make interaction more active, for that purpose aiming at self-sustaining management, individual members, lifelong members, We have adopted a system of corporate members. The merits and methods of joining when becoming a member are as follows.

Individual member, family member, student member, individual lifetime member, family life member

If you become a member of the Japan Scottish Association, you can participate in priority events of various events and participate at discounted prices.

Corporate member

If you become a corporate member of the Japan Scottish Association, you can participate in various events up to the number of persons who rounded up the total membership fee ÷ 3,000 yen (for example, 7 people for 4 20,000 yen). Further corporate events are also planned.

Membership fee

Type Fee Remarks
Annual Membership Individual 3,000 yen
Family 4,500 yen For 2 people. Add 1,500 yen for each aditonal person.
Student 1,500 yen
Life Membership 40,000 yen
Family Life Membership 60,000 yen For 2 people. Add 20,000 yen for each additional person.
Corporate One unit 5,000 yen Min. 2 units required
Expiration date of annual fee
The annual fee expiration date is April 1 of each year until March 31 of the following year.
※If you enroll in March, the expiration date will be until March 31 of the following year.

How to enroll

Application procedure on the Web

Please take the procedure of enrollment from the link below.

Application procedure in writing

If you would like to join in writing, please download and fill in the file from the link below and send the e-mail to The Japan Scotland association on the title "Inquiry Request" or if you have trouble, headquarters or branch Please fax it to mailing number or number in the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible from the association.

PDFJSA Application for membership.pdf