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Introduction of relevant organizations

The Scottish Interchange Association interacts with and supports various organizations and organizations.
Here are the sites introducing the activities of those people.

JSA Facebook Page

This is our Facebook Page. In addition to not only guidance and reporting of our association's event, we send out story information about Scotland. Please have a look once.

Stirling University Alumni Association Japan Section, JAAUS

It is the alumni association Japan branch of Stirling University in Scotland. There is interaction with us. If you are interested in studying abroad at Stirling University as well as Stirling University Alumni, please also take a look at this site.

The Japan Society of Scotland

It is the Japan Association with headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have confirmed alliances with us, such as doing care of each other's scholars. Please also take a look at this site once.

The St Andrew Society of Yokohama and Tokyo

It is a fellowship organization of Scotland residents living in the Kanto region. In the future, we are talking about activities in cooperation and sharing event information of each other.

Introduction of corporate members

We will introduce the site of the corporate members who support the Scottish exchange association.
Please visit this site by all means.

Suntory Liquor Co., Ltd.

There is no need to bother introducing it. We are indebted to the Yasuzaki distillery for tours and lectures.

Kimura Corporation

It is a company that imports and sells Scotland's organic region beer Black Isle. In addition to that, we have plenty of unique sake, so please visit the site by all means.