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The Japan Scotland Association (JSA) was founded on 27th October 2012 for the purpose of exchanging all cultures, academics, business etc. between Japan and Scotland. If you are interested in Scotland, those who love Scotland, those who have traveled / stayed in Scotland, Scotland researchers, Scotland studying abroad experience, Everyone, people of all ages can gather together is.

Support for Scotland related events, participation in Highland Games, support for Japanese students to study in Scotland, support for students' stay in Japan from Scotland, English classes with tea and scotch, drinking tea and scotch, You can enjoy many events such as Scottish relations lectures. I would like to plan experience courses such as bagpipe and highland dance.

Its activities are not limited only to Japan, introduction of Japanese culture in Scotland is also a goal of JSA (Japan Scottish Association) that is important, I will actively do. For example, I am planning to experience calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, festival, sake.

In addition, there are English courses to Stirling University, August (4 weeks), February / March (7 weeks) offering. Scotland, which began compulsory education first in the world in 1697, has education as the pillar of the country. I hope you all enjoy the wonderfulness of learning in Scotland - the origin of education.

JSA will mobilize all its efforts into activities for young people. I hope to send a scholarship sponsored by the Japan Scottish Exchange Association to the university in Scotland as soon as possible.

In addition, since JSA executives also enroll in GlobalScot (appointed by the Scottish government as a volunteer working for Scotland around the world), please expect wide exchange between Scotland and Japan.

If you are interested in Scotland at all, please do not hesitate to join JSA (The Japan Scotland Association).


The Japan Scotland Association will contribute to the promotion of friendship and exchange between Scotland and Japan.
We plan to do the following activities.

Introduction / publicity of Scottish culture

 1)Establishment and operation of website
 2)Publication of magazines / books

Introduction / public relations of Japanese culture to Scotland

Interaction with Scottish people from home and abroad
 1)Interaction with St. Andrews Society in various parts of Japan
 2)Exchange with the Scottish Japan Society.

Research and support for Scotland

 1)Support for Scottish international students
 2)Holding a study group / lecture meeting related to Scotland
 3)Grant and support for Scottish research

Other necessary business to achieve the purpose


27th October 2012 Scotland exchange association establishment general meeting. Activities started as a Scottish exchange association.
27th October 2012 Establish the structure of the Kansai headquarters, the Tokyo head office, and the Kyushu branch. First of all we started activities from three areas.
November 26, 2012 Establishment of Chugoku branch. We have newly established Chugoku branch. Tokyo Headquarters, Kansai Branch, China Branch, Kyushu Branch.
May 26, 2016 Establishment of Chubu branch. We have newly established Chubu branch. Tokyo Headquarters, Chubu branch, Kansai Branch, Chugoku Branch, Kyushu Branch.

Officers and organizations

Director Frank Boyland(President)
Kaoru Katori
Shuji Kamikado
Yasuhito Hatanaka
Kentaro Arai
Shu Kato
Akane Oneyama
Hideto Iimura (Concurrently serving as director)
Administrator Hideto Iimura
Honorary advisor Taeko Seki
Advisor Toshiharu Furukawa, MP, House of Councilars
Honorary member Dr.Stephen Baker
Daisuke Matsunaga (Consul-General of Japan in Edinburgh, Scotland)
Hajime Kitaoka(Former Consul-General of Japan in Edinburgh, Scotland)

Tokyo Headquarters 3-12-28-1401 Shimousosubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo TEL&FAX: 03-5988-8785
Taeko Seki
Kansai branch 2-5-3-906 Shinrenomi Town, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka TEL&FAX: 06-6834-4512
Hisao Kagawa
Kyushu branch 2-23-2 Kirishima Miyazaki City, Miyazaki-Pref TEL&FAX: 0985-28-8255
Masato Maehara
Tohoku branch 153-4 Yamazaki Goshizawa Aomori-shi, Aomori-pref Aomori public university Katori Mari laboratory TEL&FAX: 017-764-1661
Kaoru Katori
Chubu branch 2-709 Inokoishi, Nagoya-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Gerry McLellan

Honorary member

Dr. Stephen Baker Dr. Stephen Baker
Scottish Development International Representative in Japan

Scottish Development International

Mr. Daisuke Matsunaga
Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr. Hajime Kitaokar
former Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Development International


We have set up a scholarship to support Japanese students studying at the graduate school in Scotland.
For details, please see the link below.

About scholarship

Inquiries about Japan Scotland Association

Please inquire from the following link inquiries.
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